Schwab offers a modern way to help build and manage wealth
Become a Schwab franchisee, and you'll be part of a deeply trusted, highly innovative brand where your clients will have access to a wider range of products and services.
Image - Schwab offers a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth

A diverse array of wealth and investment management products, services, and technologies.

Wealth and Investment Management

  • Financial Planning

    Financial planning is core to our offer. Schwab provides you with wealth and investment planning tools and resources intended to help your client plan for retirement and life events along the way.
  • Intelligent Solutions

    Schwab Intelligent Portfolios®
    Our fully automated, high-tech option for investors looking to keep things simple—$5K minimum investment.
    Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium™
    Provides more personalized, ongoing advice, leveraging the power of Schwab online financial planning—$25K minimum investment.
  • Dedicated Financial Advice

    Schwab Private Client
    Individualized guidance from a dedicated team of Schwab professionals—for more affluent clients with a $500k minimum investment.
    Schwab Advisor Network®
    Approximately 200 pre-screened independent advisory firms nationwide. Advisors can provide expert guidance in investment management, financial planning, insurance, tax strategies, and estate planning, depending on your specialized needs.
  • Additional Solutions

    Schwab Managed Portfolios
    A diversified portfolio of mutual funds or ETFs managed by Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc.
    Managed Account Select®
    A separately managed account of individual securities, managed by a professional third-party asset manager.
    ThomasPartners® Strategies
    Retirement strategies that seek to deliver a reliable source of monthly income that is designed to keep pace with inflation without sacrificing the potential for capital appreciation.
    Windhaven® Strategies
    Globally diversified, primarily ETF-based strategies designed to capture growth in rising markets while attempting to reduce exposure in declining markets.
  • Trust, Estate & Charitable Services

    Personal Trust Services
    Charles Schwab Trust Company (CSTC) offers clients the opportunity to assign the role of trustee to an organization focused on clients and their families and specifically designed to serve as a fiduciary.
    Tax, Trust, and Estate Specialists
    Schwab specialists are here to provide your clients needed guidance on trust, estate, and tax planning issues 1.
    Equity Compensation Planners
    Schwab specialists provide executive compensation advice and guidance to affluent clients and prospects to help them more effectively manage the value of their company stock and options 1.
    Charitable Giving
    Schwab specialists, solutions, and online resources are available to help your clients develop and fulfill their charitable giving goals.
  • Specialty Teams and Research

    Fixed Income Specialists
    Schwab specialists can help your clients identify fixed income products and portfolio strategies that match their needs. These products can include bonds, bond funds, CDs, and preferred stocks.
    Insurance and Annuities
    Annuities and life insurance products available through Schwab offer clients, additional options to meet their specific financial needs.
    Insight and Analysis/Research
    Schwab experts from the Schwab Center for Financial Resources are ready to provide your clients with insight and assessment of portfolio risk and asset allocation, as well as periodic reviews of portfolio performance to help them stay on track in meeting their investment goals.

Schwab Bank* Banking and Lending

  • Deposit Products

    The Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Savings® and The Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking® accounts make managing finances simpler for your clients.
  • Lending Solutions

    Schwab Bank's home lending program from Quicken Loans® offers competitive mortgage rates, more mortgage options, and quick closings through Quicken Loans®—the nation's #1 online mortgage lender 2.
  • Pledged Asset Line

    Schwab Bank's Pledged Asset Line® is a form of securities-based lending that lets clients leverage their investments through a revolving line of credit. Pledged asset lending involves a high degree of risk and is not right for every client3.

Trading Solutions

  • Trading Platforms and Tools 

    Streamlined tools and in-depth research on let your clients track their portfolios, monitor the market, find trade ideas, and place trades—all in a single location.
  • Trading Specialists

    Our seasoned consultants can review clients' trading strategies, provide decision support, and share tools that fit the way they trade.
  • Specialized On-Demand
    and Live Education

    Our robust educational resources can help your clients, whether novice or experienced traders, sharpen their skills to create well-informed trading strategies and analyses.

*These products are available for your clients on the Schwab platform. Independent Branch Leaders are not employees of Schwab Bank and are, therefore, not permitted to solicit, market, or sell Schwab Bank’s products. Independent Branch Leaders generally need to refer questions about Schwab Bank’s products or services to a Schwab Bank representative.

The client comes first. Always.

Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first. Lots of companies say that, but we work to keep clients at the heart of everything we do by offering a modern way to build and manage wealth—and there's no stronger foundation for growing a practice.

Watch the video and see how we use technology and people to make investing easier and more accessible for your clients.

A legacy of investor-focused innovation and growth


Chuck Schwab Creates a Discount Brokerage


When the SEC deregulated securities commissions, many Wall Street firms raised their commissions. Chuck Schwab cut his and established one of the first discount brokerages.

Schwab Embraces 24/7 Service


The accepted rule was that firms closed when the markets closed. Schwab understood that clients didn’t keep bankers’ hours and chose to offer 24/7 order entry and quote service.

Financial Advisor Service Launches


Serving independent investment advisors, Financial Advisor Service exceeds $1 billion in client assets after just one year of business.

Mutual Funds: Access, Convenience, Low Cost


Mutual fund investors used to face sales loads and other transaction fees through their broker or had to set up multiple accounts with multiple mutual fund companies to buy direct without transaction fees. Schwab thought this an unnecessary compromise and created Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource a one-stop® way to invest in a wide array of no-load funds without transaction fees.

Low-Cost Online Trading


At the risk of substantial cuts to its commission revenue, Schwab embraced low-cost online investing in the early days of the internet because it benefited the consumer.

Quantitative Fact-Based Ratings


Investors deserved a fact-based system to assess whether a stock was right to consider buying, selling or holding. Stock lists at traditional firms were biased toward “buy” and depended heavily on qualitative, subjective assessments. Schwab didn’t think that benefited clients, so it launched Schwab Equity Ratings, a system that ranked over 3000 stocks, with equal numbers of buys and sells.

Checking Meets Investing


Clients should have easy access to their money at all times, whether depositing a check or investing in a mutual fund. That’s why Schwab Bank created its High-Yield Investor Checking account, to provide investors with banking without unnecessary costs.

Affordable Professional Investment Advice


Managed portfolios provide a convenient way to access professional investment advice, but the cost had been historically high. Schwab Managed Portfolio addressed this by providing broadly diversified portfolios with competitive costs.

Commission-Free ETFs


ETFs provide a great way to get access to a range of asset classes and to build a diversified portfolio. But with commissions, an investor who dollar-cost averages can have their investment undercut by expenses. Commission-free ETFs at Schwab broke new ground by making it possible to build a low-cost diversified portfolio simply.

Schwab opens 1st Independent Branch


Schwab opened the first Independent Branch in Nashua, New Hampshire.

A New 401(k) Option


Personalized low-cost advice may help 401(k) participants reach their retirement goals and achieve better outcomes, but they typically receive single-factor advice found in target-date funds. Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc. (SRPS) believed there was another way, so developed Schwab Index Advantage®, a ground-breaking approach to the 401(k) combining low-cost index mutual funds or exchange traded funds offered through SRPS, an FDIC-insured deposit feature, and professional savings and investment advice provided by an independent third-party advisor.

Accountability As Policy


At Schwab, we believe that every investor deserves accountability. The Schwab Accountability Guarantee provides that, if for any reason, a client is not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, we’ll refund the client’s service fee from the previous quarter.3 While it's no guarantee against loss, and other fees and expenses may still apply, we stand by our word and will work with the client to make things right.

Automated and Simple Investing


Many investors want and need help managing their money but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it and don’t want to pay a fee for the service. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, offered by Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory, Inc., is an online investment advisory service that builds, monitors, and rebalances your portfolio automatically, making access to automated portfolio management convenient and with no advisory fees, account service fees, or commissions charged.