Meet the Franchisees
Meet the Franchisees

Hear from successful Schwab Independent Branch Leaders and get inspired.

There’s a reason more entrepreneurs, visionaries, and go-getters are becoming Schwab franchise owners: because these doors can open opportunity.

Opening your branch is just the beginning.

What's it really like once you've opened your doors? Hear from Schwab franchise owners on what it means to have Schwab's support and expertise on your side.

Opening your branch is just the beginning.

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Our brand, your business: why become a Schwab franchisee.

Go behind the scenes with Schwab franchise owners to hear what attracted them to our model in the first place, and what happened after they said "yes" to becoming a franchise owner.

Our brand, your business: why become a Schwab franchisee.

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Video Cards

  • Jackie Edwards

    Jackie Edwards

    Las Cruces, New Mexico

    "I know what my values are. When I saw—in a corporate form—some very consistent values, I thought that was really attractive."

  • Michael Wytiaz

    Michael Wytiaz

    Windermere, Florida

     “Schwab has all the resources and structure and infrastructure to help me accomplish everything I’m trying to do.”

  • Brian Carpenter

    Brian Carpenter

    Brian Carpenter

    Dripping Springs, Texas

    “Schwab is a very powerful name in the industry. People are drawn to the name, they already recognize the type of service and quality that they’re going to receive.”

  • Mary Murphy

    Mary Murphy

    Nashua, New Hampshire

    “Every Independent Branch Leader sees things through clients’ eyes and we try to be exceptional advocates—inside Schwab and also in the community.”

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Salem, Oregon

    “The business model is perfect. It allows me to work with individuals, but also allows me the autonomy to run a business and be an entrepreneur.”


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