Welcome to your future as a Schwab franchise owner.

Build a business that lets you do your best and most fulfilling work.

From the beginning, Schwab has championed investors and the financial advisors who serve them. The Schwab franchise model continues that tradition. The concept is simple: You own your own franchise business while Schwab provides you with an infrastructure and access to an extensive range of wealth management solutions, services, and tools plus a robust bench of support resources to help you pursue your goals as an entrepreneur.

The right business model is key.

Every financial advisor has their own set of priorities and pain points that shape their goals and the type of model that is right for their future. Some may be looking for a client-focused brand. Others may be seeking ways to scale or access extensive support resources. Every day, our model provides a solution to these priorities and more for franchise owners across the country.

Welcome to the last move you'll make

Why the Schwab brand matters.

Schwab is more than a familiar name. It's a trusted, respected brand built on our client-first philosophy. We work hard to keep clients at the heart of everything we do by offering them a more modern approach to building and managing wealth. This is the foundation for your Schwab franchise.

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A career that feels like home.

Schwab franchise owners all started out in different places in their careers. But each of their stories shares a common thread: an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to put clients first. Discover how we can help you align your values with your aspirations.

Learn about the opportunity from real franchise owners.

Entrepreneurs like you share why they chose to become Schwab franchise owners, what benefits ownership has brought them and their clients, and how this model allows them to do what they love.

What if there was a different way to do business?

Many ambitious advisors hit a point when they start imagining how their practice could be different. Play out your what-if scenarios, and explore whether the Schwab franchise model is your answer.

Charles Schwab, Independent Branch Services: The 10 what-if questions it's time to stop asking yourself

Testimonial quotes

  • "The transition team did a fantastic job of moving our client relationships over to Schwab. They went above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that it was a thorough job."

    Nate Farnell, Schwab franchise owner, Truckee, CA

  • "Schwab helped move some of my existing clients to the franchise model, and they helped with marketing, technology, systems support, training—it was a very extensive support system that was in place from day one."

    Eric Johannes, Schwab franchise owner, Davenport, IA

  • "Schwab's management, our transition team, our real estate team just did a phenomenal job—really made my life pretty easy."

    Lonnie Struckman, Schwab franchise owner, Sioux Falls, SD

The path to franchise ownership is straightforward.

You're not moving to another firm—you're becoming the owner of a Schwab franchise. And our straightforward transition experience is how you'll make it happen—with Schwab's support resources and transition team guiding you throughout the process.

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