Your Reality

Competing priorities

Your Future

Client-driven model

When the client is your primary focus, your business benefits.

Your Reality

Commissions and fees only

Your Future

Sharing in multiple revenue streams

Our model is different than the standard Gross Dealer Concession (GDC) model. With Schwab, you share in multiple revenue streams on assets you have today and assets you gather going forward. ​​​​​

Your Reality

Hitting a ceiling

Your Future

Scaling your business

Our model is built for scale and the notion that clients can choose how they want to work with us. You can serve different types of investors—and potentially accelerate growth.

Average annual net new assets1
Chart - Avg Annual net new assets $40.9M+
Your Reality

Being all things to all people

Your Future

Leveraging our support

Our top-notch service model, wealth management resources, and strong brand marketing enable you to leverage our robust resources so you can focus on what you do best: build and deepen client relationships.

Your Business

Tax, Trust, and Estate Specialists

Specialists who provide guidance on trust, estate, and tax planning issues.

Fixed Income Specialists

Specialists who can help your clients identify fixed income products and portfolio strategies that are designed to help meet their needs. These products can include bonds, bond funds, CDs, and preferred stocks.

Schwab Trading Services

Access to a wide range of trading tools and support for traders including StreetSmart Edge Trading software, tools for options and futures traders, specialized research and education, and Trading Reps.

Partner Support

A second level escalation support team for client-facing Schwab representatives. Partner Support resolves complex technical and operational inquiries from internal and external clients. Partner Support can also assist with questions requiring extra attention and/or operational or technical support.

Client Service & Support

24/7 one-stop support for all client service needs, including transactions, account changes, and guidance on trading execution.

Franchise Market Leaders

Franchise Market Leaders (ML) provide business strategy and practice management guidance to assist Branch Leaders with their business goals, client acquisition and segmentation, and branch operating model. MLs serve as a liaison between Branch Leaders and key internal business partners and subject matter experts, ensuring Branch Leaders take full advantage of Schwab’s platform, products, and support resources.  MLs also perform all supervisory functions of the branch.

Franchise Marketing Consultant

Franchise Marketing Consultant (FMC) are thought partners—resources you can leverage to help brainstorm ideas, evaluate opportunities, and create and implement your marketing plan based on your unique situation and goals. Your FMC will help you understand the vast array of marketing resources available at Schwab and share expertise and best practices.

A few words from Chuck

Hear Charles Schwab, our founder and chairman, talk about bringing the Schwab franchise opportunity to your community.