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Owning and running your future
Become a Schwab franchise owner and do what you've always wanted: Focus on building a business with a client-first philosophy.

Owning and running your future


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    Competing priorities


    Client-driven model

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When the client is your primary focus, your business benefits.


  • Drive down costs for your clients

    Serve clients with an offering that is intended to drive down cost and give investors more. Our focus is to start with the client's interest in mind and give them a choice of how they want to work with us.

  • Make it about their needs

    When you run a Schwab franchise, you can make decisions based on your clients' needs — that means you're free to be the financial advisor you really want to be.

  • Build loyalty

    When looking out for your client's interests is your main goal, client satisfaction and ongoing loyalty are natural outcomes.

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    Commissions and fees only


    Sharing in multiple revenue streams

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Our model is different than the standard Gross Dealer Concession (GDC) model. With Schwab, you share in multiple revenue streams on assets you have today and assets you gather going forward. ​​​​​

  • Get paid like a firm, not a financial advisor

    Our revenue share is straightforward and transparent. You share in multiple revenue streams and are not subject to GDC haircuts.

  • Earn revenue on every client choice


    Revenue is earned on the asset base, not on select investment types.

  • Get credit for every asset


    You receive credit on all new account lead flow and assets associated with your branch territory.

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    Hitting a ceiling


    Scaling your business

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Our model is built for scale and the notion that clients can choose how they want to work with us. You can serve different types of investors—and accelerate growth.


Scale of Schwab


  • Gather assets from a diverse client base

    From active traders and do-it-yourselfers, to validators and delegators, our technology and platform can provide an exceptional client experience for all investors.

  • Stay relevant and ahead of industry trends

    Built for the digital age, state-of-the-art Schwab technology provides a seamless, multi-channel experience, allowing a more diverse client base to engage the way they want.

  • Attract multiple generations


    From traditional wealth management to robo advice and digital platforms, work easily with your clients and their next generation.

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    Being all things to all people


    Leveraging our support

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Our top-notch service model, wealth management resources, and strong brand marketing enable you to leverage our robust resources so you can focus on what you do best: build and deepen client relationships.

Your Business

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  • Focus on what you do best

    Our 24/7 client service and white glove Partner Support teams serve as powerful resources for your clients and staff. This provides critical scale as you build and manage your business.

  • Round out your bench

    Regional Schwab specialists, including financial planning, managed accounts, fixed income, and trust services are available and may help you win business and deepen relationships.

  • Your talent, our brand

    From national advertising campaigns and access to our financial market experts, to dedicated local marketing resources and a generous reimbursement program, we'll help you maintain a strong brand presence in your community.

A few words from Chuck

Hear Charles Schwab, our founder and chairman, talk about bringing the Schwab franchise opportunity to your community.

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There are many benefits to becoming a Schwab franchise owner.

Learn what is drawing entrepreneurial advisors to the Schwab franchise model – from our wealth management solutions to the power of the Schwab brand, our model is designed to support you.

Franchise Benefits

Why Schwab


Why Schwab? - Up Next

You've learned about our model, but what else does Schwab offer you?

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Ready to Start the Conversation?

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