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Finding the right fit

Explore the different ways the right business model can support a financial advisor in doing their best and most fulfilling work. 

Read how financial advisors are putting themselves in position to do their most fulfilling work with the franchise model

Financial advisors understand that there is no single strategy that fits every client situation. The same is true when they’re searching for a business model to best suit themselves and their clients. They must evaluate each model against their own priorities and pain points. Because, ultimately, a business model is a personal decision. We interviewed five financial advisors from five backgrounds to see how each one found their right fit in the franchise model.

5 industry backgrounds. 10 priorities.

Specialized help with compliance and the ability to work quickly to serve client needs. Specially designed investment products and a research team to support them. What you want for the future is often influenced by where you've been so far.  Explore the priorities of financial advisors who've made the switch from five previous business models:

  • Wirehouse
  • Retail
  • Bank
  • Independent broker-dealer (IBD)
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Finding the Right Fit white paper

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See what’s possible when financial advisors find a model that fits their vision.  Read Finding the right fit: Why financial advisors are choosing the franchise model.